• She'll Promise You More Than The Garden of Eden, Then Carelessly Cut You And Laugh While You're Bleeding.
  • Comfy Cozy Flower Baby
  • Happy Birthday, Skye! May All Your Candle Wishes Come True!
  • And Her Skin Was Like Porcelain, But Stronger Than Ever. Her Every Day Was an Adventure

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  • monochrome

  • what 2 do
  • pack for nyfw
  • animal instinct
  • fifty shades darker
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  • i wanna feel your touch, it's burning me like an ember. pretending is not enough, i wanna feel us together ;
  • don't fall asleep, at the wheel we've got a million miles ahead of us. all that we need, is a rude awakening to know we're good enough ;
  • beat me black and blue, every wound will shape me, every scar will build my throne ;
  • catch my name for kicks, thinking i would be right by your side. i don't feel adequate, thinking i'm a monster in disguise ;
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  • Powder, set, yes
  • '' here comes the unknown ''
  • NYE by the beach
  • Mix it in a potion like a science

  • don't let it consume you
  • darling, don't lie to me......
  • Being slightly crazy is good!
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  • i was a lone wolf, i thought i'd lost my pack
  • baby you're so cool
  • i can't wait to see the trouble here tonight
  • sunshine i wouldn't wanna be in your shoes

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  • Today is the day
  • All I ever wanted..
  • Spring?
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  • my space is yours to occupate
  • in an empty field near your house
  • smile and act like you don't need me
  • laid on the hillside and watched cars as they drove by
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